NCEMC Joins National Cooperative To Gain Renewable Energy Resources


North Carolina Electric Membership Corp. (NCEMC) has announced its participation in a newly formed national cooperative established to help electric cooperatives deploy renewable energy resources through the development of projects and transmission infrastructure improvements.

The National Renewable Cooperative Organization (NRCO) will facilitate its member cooperatives in the effort to include renewable resources in energy portfolios and serve as a center of expertise and information for participating co-ops. NRCO will help member electric cooperatives meet renewable goals by matching the needs of some members with the practical potential of others.

‘NRCO will greatly benefit North Carolina's electric cooperative members, because many large-scale renewable projects, such as wind or solar farms, are not as viable in our state as they are in the Great Plains or the Southwest,’ says Rick Thomas, executive vice president and CEO of NCEMC. ‘This venture will allow NCEMC to evaluate and participate in renewable energy projects across the nation, as well as allow others to invest in appropriate projects in North Carolina.’

It is anticipated that NRCO will interface with NCEMC's newly formed renewable company, GreenCo Solutions Inc., to identify cost-effective projects and opportunities to purchase renewable energy credits in order to benefit the state's cooperative consumers in the future.

The new company's core services will include energy efficiency program development and pilot projects for development of renewable energy resources. It will also provide compliance reporting and tracking for member cooperatives related to North Carolina's renewable energy portfolio standards.

SOURCE: North Carolina Electric Membership Corp.

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