Natural Power Touts Accuracy Of N.A. Wind Energy Yield Predictions


Natural Power, a renewable energy consultancy, has released the results of its latest validation study and says the company’s energy yield predictions for North American wind projects have demonstrated 99.1% accuracy.

According to the company, the study is an evaluation of North American pre-construction wind energy yield predictions by comparison to operational production. It covers 1,262 wind turbines at 18 projects totaling over 2.26 GW.

“Energy yield estimates are the cornerstone of wind power plant financial models, and the accuracy of these estimates is, therefore, imperative to understand,” says Jim Adams, president of Natural Power North America. “The industry must demonstrate continuous improvement and continue to develop an understanding of underlying issues behind energy yield prediction discrepancies.
“That said, we are highly confident in our methodologies, and the results of this updated validation study continue to confirm our accuracy,” he continues.

Image courtesy of Natural Power

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