Natural Power Deploys Wind LIDAR Platform In India


Renewable energy consultancy group Natural Power says it has deployed a dual-mode ZephIR 300 wind LIDAR with the Centre for Wind Energy Technology (CWET) in Chennai, India.

According to Natural Power, the dual-mode ZephIR can be used in a traditional, ground-based application, pointing vertically for wind resource assessment or directed in front or behind a wind turbine to study incident wind fields and resulting turbine wakes.

The ZephIR 300 was designed and developed by Natural Power to meet CWET's requirements to assess a range of wind measurements. Two variations of ZephIR software are applied to the system so that CWET can switch between the two modes – the standard ground-based ZephIR Waltz platform and a new platform that will be rolled out on ControlZephIR units later this year that allow the ability to provide full rotational scanning in front or behind a wind turbine, the company explains.

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