Muskegon County Encourages Wind Developers To Use Local Manufacturers, Suppliers


The Muskegon County Wastewater Management System (MCWMS) recently began to seek proposals from utility-scale wind developers interested in siting a project on 11,000 acres of its property.

As part of that effort, Muskegon County and the MCWMS are encouraging wind developers to consider the use of local manufacturers and suppliers, according to Howard & Howard PLLC, a law firm that was selected to help the MCWMS in the solicitation and selection process.

‘Elected officials and county executives made it clear to us early on that they wanted to give special consideration to proposals received from developers who intend to use local supplies and services,’ says Rodger Kershner, who leads Howard & Howard's energy and utilities practice. ‘This area of the state has a rapidly developing reputation for playing an important role in Michigan's renewable energy efforts. It's appropriate that we call the developers' attention to that.’

The proposed project would be between 100 MW to 150 MW and is expected to cost between $250 million and $350 million, according to Howard & Howard.

Those suppliers and manufacturers who wish to be considered by wind developers for any eventual project are encouraged to register with Muskegon County's existing vendor registration system.

SOURCE: Howard & Howard PLLC

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