MP2 Energy, Apex To Provide Renewable Energy For Fort Hood


MP2 Energy, a Houston-based full-service power company, says it has been chosen to partner with Apex Clean Energy to supply renewable energy to Fort Hood, a 340-square-mile base outside of Killeen, Texas, that serves 218,000 military members and their families.

Per the agreement, Apex and MP2 will provide 100% of Fort Hood’s electricity through a combination of renewable solar and wind energy and traditional grid power from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

Earlier this year, the U.S. Army signed a power purchase agreement with Apex Clean Energy for a 65.8 MW hybrid wind and solar energy project to serve 40% of Fort Hood’s electricity needs. This deal is expected to save the U.S. Army about $168 million in electricity costs over the course of the 28-year agreement.

With this new agreement, Apex has engaged MP2 Energy to provide retail services and to serve as the Quality Scheduling Entity to deliver the aforementioned 65.8 MW of solar and wind power. The solar power will be produced by the Phantom Solar facility on-site at Fort Hood, and the wind energy will be produced by the Cotton Plains Wind Energy Facility in northwest Texas. MP2 says it will provide the remaining 60% of electricity needed to power Fort Hood through traditional electricity from ERCOT.

According to Jeff Starcher, chairman and CEO of MP2 Energy, this is the largest military renewable energy project to date.

MP2, in conjunction with Apex, says it will be involved in both the wholesale and retail sides of the agreement, which helps bring Fort Hood more efficient pricing and better risk management.

“This is a unique, hybrid project for the market, and few suppliers in ERCOT have the capabilities and certifications to deliver renewable power to Fort Hood,” says Mark Goodwin, president and chief operating officer of Apex. “We partnered with MP2 due to their unique ability to manage renewable energy assets for Apex and manage the risk around integrating it directly with Fort Hood’s retail electricity supply.”

MP2 Energy is now managing solar and renewable energy on two Texas military bases, including its early June agreement with a Department of Defense contractor to supply the retail energy and provide retail net metering for rooftop solar panels.

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