Moventas Takes Mobile Operations Center On Multi-City U.S. Tour


Gear manufacturer and service provider Moventas is taking its mobile operations center on a multi-city U.S. tour to give wind farm owners and operators a better understanding of its services.

Designed by Moventas, the touring mobile workshop extends up-tower service by providing a clean, well-equipped workspace on-site, reducing maintenance costs by migrating service work from the workshop to the turbine. The workshop is outfitted with a retractable roof, a power generator, plumbed air lines, a parts wash basin, an induction heater, cutting and welding capabilities, and proprietary up-tower tools.

The idea, says Moventas, is to provide wind farm owners and operators with a chance to see the self-contained, climate-controlled workshop firsthand and gain a better understanding of its operations.

The tour, which started in Spearville, Kan., on Oct. 23, will next travel to Iowa for the week beginning Oct. 27, notes Moventas. Additional tour stops are scheduled for Illinois, Minnesota, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon and California.

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