More Than 500 RE Projects Approved For Ontario

More than 500 new green energy projects have been approved for Ontario. These projects are the first larger power generators to obtain contracts through Ontario's feed-in tariff (FIT),which encourages the development of renewable energy projects from a diverse range of producers – including homeowners, schools, farmers, large retailers and small businesses – by offering long-term, stable prices for the electricity generated.

‘These projects will create a new source of income while providing new clean and green electricity in Ontario – particularly on hot, sunny summer days when demand soars,’ says Brad Duguid, minister of energy and infrastructure. ‘With our new domestic content rules, these projects will also help create new green-collar jobs here in Ontario, as well as major economic investments in equipment and services here at home.’

The 510 projects are to be built in 120 communities across Ontario by farmers, municipalities, local distribution companies, commercial businesses, industrial customers and public institutions. The wind, solar, biogas and hydro projects range from 10 kW to 500 kW and have a total generating capacity of 112 MW.

SOURCE: Ontario Power Authority


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