Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. Opens New Plant In Brazil


Ohio-based Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. has completed construction of a new production facility in Itatiba, Brazil. The company says the plant will produce epoxy resins and curing agents for large-diameter turbine blades and will help better serve the growing wind energy market in South America.

‘The Itatiba expansion brings us closer to many of our current South American customers while also enlarging our global footprint. It positions the company for continued growth in this important region,’ comments Rich Altice, the company's vice president of epoxy specialty resins.

Jody Bevilaqua, executive vice president of Momentive, adds, ‘We are excited to create this growth platform to leverage our EPIKOTE/EPIKURE Epoxy Systems as our proven technology enables the production of wind turbine blades that can exceed 60 meters in length.’

Momentive, formerly known as Hexion Specialty Chemicals, notes that the expansion was recognized by the Brazilian Development Bank, which focuses on providing financing for Brazilian machinery and equipment.

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