MLS Electrosystem Acquired By Matric Group, R2J Technologies


Matric Group and R2J Technologies have acquired controlling interests of MLS Electrosystem from Standard Industrial Products Co. (SIPCO).

MLS Electrosystem has been engineering and manufacturing blade pitch control systems for utility-scale wind turbines since 2000. MLS Electrosystem will be renamed Windurance LLC and continue to offer a full line of blade pitch control systems for existing and new customers worldwide.

The company's modular line of platforms includes the newest i-pitch (for utility-grade turbines), mini-pitch (for smaller-grade turbines) and the AC pitch system.

SIPCO will be independent of MLS Electrosystem and continue to offer a line of electromechanical drives (motors and gear) for pitch control, as well as brakes and turbine yaw systems for the wind energy market.

The Matric Group will continue to manufacture and provide pitch control systems to Windurance. R2J Technologies will continue to provide design and engineering capabilities to continue to develop pitch control systems designed for the new company.

Specific terms of the agreement are not available.

SOURCE: Windurance

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