Midwest ISO Launches Ancillary Services Market


The Midwest Independent System Operator (Midwest ISO) has launched its ancillary services market (ASM). The ASM integrates the procurement and use of regulation and contingency reserves with the existing energy markets.

Midwest ISO began accepting bids and offers for the sale and purchase of these products Dec. 30.

‘Our customers across the Midwest will realize estimated net annual benefits of between $115 million and $205 million from the increased efficiencies that the ancillary services market brings,’ says T. Graham Edwards, CEO of the Midwest ISO. ‘After significant preparation, including intensive testing and rigorous training, we're pleased to have these markets up and running.’

In addition, Midwest ISO began functioning as the energy market area's overall balancing authority. It is now responsible for what is geographically North America's largest balancing authority area – stretching from Montana to Missouri to Michigan and beyond. Both demand response resources and generation resources will be providing ASM products and responding to the Midwest ISO's instructions as a balancing authority operator.

SOURCE: Midwest Independent System Operator

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