Michigan Triple Play Results In Blade Automation Order

Baseball season may have ended, but a trio of Michigan companies have turned their version of a triple play into increased business.

Working together, Michigan-based companies KMT Robotic Solutions and Stiles Machinery announced the sale of a wind turbine blade root end cut and drill system to Energetx Composites, another Michigan-based firm.

Funding was also provided by the Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth's Bureau of Energy Systems through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Energetx Composites was launched in summer 2008 to focus on the manufacture of wind turbine blades. The company plans to employ up to 750 people in this facility over the next five years.

Energetx contracted with Stiles Machinery to act as the project manager focused on assembling the equipment required for the facility.

SOURCE: KMT Robotic Solutions


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