MGE’s Energy 2015 Plan Decreases CO2 Emissions


MGE Energy Inc. says that its regulated subsidiary, Madison Gas and Electric (MGE), expects a significant decrease in its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions due to the early progress of its 10-year Energy 2015 plan.

MGE projects a 21% decrease in total CO2 emissions and a 17% decrease in CO2 rates from 2005 to 2015. The company had originally forecast an 8% decrease in total CO2 emissions and a 10% reduction in CO2 rates by 2015.

Increased wind energy is part of MGE's Energy 2015 plan. MGE has 12 times the wind capacity that it had when the plan was announced. Wind capacity has grown from 11 MW to 137 MW. In addition, nearly 10% of MGE's customers have volunteered to participate in green pricing.

SOURCE: MGE Energy Inc. Â

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