McCaskill Visits ABB Plant To Discuss Wind Power, Smart Grid Technologies


Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., recently visited the ABB power transformer facility in St. Louis to learn how such companies are using smart grid technologies to interconnect wind resources in the U.S.

McCaskill took a walking tour of the transformer factory before meeting with ABB plant employees. She and ABB officials discussed mutual goals and ways that government and the power industry might work together to promote standards and policies, such as a national renewable energy standard, according to the company.

‘We had a very fruitful dialogue discussing how more support is needed to maximize our vast homegrown wind power resources and interconnect them onto the power grid,’ says Krzysztof Kulasek, general manager of the ABB facility in St. Louis.

ABB has another transformer facility in Jefferson City, which has produced more than 3,500 wind farm applications, according to the company.

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