Massachusetts EEA Launches Energy Blog


The Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) has launched a new blog dedicated to engaging the public in discussion concerning energy efficiency, renewable power and other energy topics important to Massachusetts citizens and businesses.

Energy Smarts bloggers include more than a dozen energy experts, including officials and employees of the EEA and its Department of Energy Resources (DOER) and Department of Agricultural Resources, as well as the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

‘Supporting development of new clean energy companies and technologies, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, training workers for a new generation of energy jobs and taking steps to combat climate change are among the most important tasks of this generation,’ says Phil Giudice, DOER commissioner.

Bloggers will tackle topics including building a super energy-efficient home, changing energy-wasting habits, green driving, home-based renewable energy systems, farm-based energy issues, fuel price trends, energy workforce training programs, how to motivate kids to save energy, and more.

Energy Smarts provides an opportunity for consumers to engage in discussion with the experts and share their own experiences and ideas about renewable energy, energy efficiency and other relevant topics.

SOURCE: Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Â

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