Mass Megawatt Licensee Announces Contract With Penobscot Mountain Wind

Electric City Wind Power Corp., a licensee of Worcester, Mass.-based Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc., has signed a $10.8 million agreement with Penobscot Mountain Wind LLC.

The sales agreement between Electric City Wind Power and Penobscot Mountain Wind entails the manufacture and installation of a total of 6 MW of the multi-axis turbo (MAT) system, vertical wind power generation equipment, which Electric City produces under a licensing agreement with Mass Megawatts.

Under the terms of the agreement, Penobscot Mountain Wind has the right to apportion its 6 MW equipment purchase into a number of individual projects, with a minimum nameplate capacity of any given project being 500 kW.

‘The new version of the MAT and augmenter systems provides a technology platform that allows for the placement of projects in regions with medium-grade wind resources, greatly expanding the geographic footprint into which viable commercial and community-based wind projects can be sited,’ said Electric City Wind Power's vice president of sales John Moran said at a recent investor's conference call.

According to Mass Megawatts, the ability to profitably operate wind power projects in areas that previously had not been considered to have an exploitable resource will allow for an increase in the number of businesses, municipalities and school districts that can adopt distributed energy models based on medium-grade wind resources.

SOURCE: Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc.


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