Maryland Clean Energy Center Hosts Legislative Day


The Maryland Clean Energy 2011 Legislative Day will be held on Jan. 27. The event, sponsored by the Maryland Clean Energy Center, will allow interested parties to discuss clean energy legislation with lawmakers.

Last year's Legislative Day drew more than 200 participants. Various clean energy topics will be addressed at the event, including the following:

– What do lawmakers need in order to understand the valuable role for power purchase agreements for large renewable energy projects?

– How does the composition of the Senate Finance and House Economic Matters committees alter the outlook for clean energy legislation?

– How will Maryland's budget deficit hamper the legislators' options?

– How can clean energy play an even more effective role in generating permanent, good-paying jobs and further reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

– What can Maryland do to assemble a hub of manufacturing activity for the burgeoning offshore wind opportunities?

– Can the energy net metering law be modified to achieve its original legislative intent?

SOURCE: Maryland Clean Energy Center

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