Marine Innovation Uses Autodesk Software To Develop WindFloat


Marine Innovation & Technology, a naval architecture and offshore engineering firm, is using digital prototyping software from Autodesk Inc. to develop the WindFloat, which is a small, floating platform capable of supporting large offshore wind turbines.

Autodesk Inventor Professional, Autodesk Vault Professional and Autodesk Showcase Professional software helped Marine Innovation design and render the WindFloat in three weeks. The WindFloat improves on the design of existing offshore support structures by significantly minimizing the motion caused by environmental forces such as wind, waves and currents, according to the company.

Improved stability allows the WindFloat to be placed in previously inaccessible locations where water depths exceed 50 meters and winds are nearly constant, according to the company. Each WindFloat can produce up to 10 MW of renewable energy.

SOURCE: Autodesk Inc.

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