Lockheed Martin To Provide Surveillance Radar For U.K. Project

Bethesda, Md.-based Lockheed Martin will deliver a long-range, air-surveillance radar system to the U.K. that is designed to overcome sensor performance issues commonly caused by the rotating blades of wind turbines.

Lockheed Martin's TPS-77 radar mitigates interference, or ‘clutter,’ that commonly obscures radar targets in and around wind farms, according to the company. The new radar system will provide air defense surveillance capabilities for the U.K. Ministry of Defense and allow the nation to move forward with aggressive plans to install about 924 turbines along England's east coast.

The radar will provide surveillance over five planned wind farms in the Greater Wash Strategic Area that are expected to generate more than 5,500 MW of power.

Under contract with Serco, Lockheed Martin expects to deliver this new TPS-77 system by November 2011.

SOURCE: Lockheed Martin


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