Lake Region State College Wind Energy Technician Training Program Receives Grant


Gov. John Hoeven, R-N.D., has presented Lake Region State College (LRSC) with a workforce enhancement grant totaling $368,715. The grant will help fund development of a wind energy technician training program, and the state funds will be matched with $370,200 from the private sector.

The workforce-enhancement grant program was established by the 2007 Legislature as an adjunct to the Centers of Excellence program to fund workforce training initiatives. The grant funds provided will assist with purchasing instructional equipment and supplies as well as aid in the recruitment of students. LRSC is developing both one- and two-year wind energy technician training programs.

This project was industry-driven and guided by recommendations from the nine wind energy industry employers operating in North Dakota. Matches will be provided from cash, in-kind and equipment donations from the private sector partners.

Workforce enhancement grants are a tool for two-year institutions of higher education to apply for funds to help create or enhance training programs that address workforce needs of private sector employers in North Dakota. Projects require private sector participation and a dollar-for-dollar match of all state money with private funds. The North Dakota Department of Commerce Workforce Development Division oversees the grants.

Grant funding may be used for curriculum development, equipment, recruitment of participants, and training and certification of instructors. Funds may not be used to supplant funding for current operations.

A workforce enhancement council, consisting of the private-sector membership of the North Dakota Workforce Development Council, the state director of the Department of Career & Technical Education and the Division Director of the workforce development division of the ND Department of Commerce who serves as the chair, reviews all proposals and provides funding recommendations.

SOURCE: Office of Gov. John Hoeven

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