Keppel, Seafox To Develop Wind Turbine Installation Vessel


Keppel FELS Ltd.'s multi-purpose, self-elevating platform (MPSEP) design has been chosen by the Seafox Group as the basis for a new wind turbine installation vessel that can withstand harsh offshore environmental conditions all year round in water depths of 65 meters in the North Sea.

A 75/25 joint venture (JV) company has been formed between Keppel FELS and Seafox, respectively, to build and own the $220 million vessel. Seafox has the option of acquiring Keppel's stake in the JV company. The MPSEP was designed by Keppel's offshore technology development unit.

Keppel's MPSEP is expected to have the ability to carry up to 12 turbines at a time and can operate in deeper water while reducing downtime even in extreme storm conditions, according to the company.

The KFELS MPSEP vessel is scheduled for delivery in the second half of 2012, and will be managed and operated by Workfox BV, a member of the Seafox Group.

SOURCE: Keppel Group

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