Kansas Utility Endorses RPS Ballot Initiative


Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L), a subsidiary of Great Plains Energy Inc., has officially endorsed an effort by the group Missourians for Cleaner Cheaper Energy to put a proposal for a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) on the public ballot in November.

‘Our endorsement of the renewable energy initiative proposal underscores our continuing commitment to achieving regional sustainability by supporting investments in clean energy sources,’ says Michael Chesser, chairman and CEO of Great Plains Energy. ‘A strong renewable energy policy benefits our customers by reducing costs and stimulating the growth of the renewable energy industry locally.’

The ballot initiative – which would require obtaining more than 90,000 voter signatures on a petition by May 4 – would require that investor-owned electric utilities generate or purchase electricity from renewable energy sources equaling at least 2% of retail sales by 2011. That requirement would increase to at least 15% by 2021 and require at least 2% of the renewable energy total to come from solar facilities. The standard would provide protection for utilities and consumers by ensuring that cost of compliance and associated rate impact is limited to 1%.

KCP&L owns and operates a 100 MW wind energy facility in Spearville, Kan.

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