Kaine Outlines Legislation To Promote Green Jobs


Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, D-Va., has proposed several pieces of legislation designed to promote green jobs as part of his Renew Virginia initiative.

‘Creating green jobs and a renewable energy sector of the Virginia economy is one way we can create opportunity from our current economic challenges,’ says Kaine. ‘With this package of bills, not only will we be able to create jobs for hardworking Virginians, but we will be taking proactive steps to reduce our reliance on foreign oil and improve our environment.’

The governor's legislative proposals include the following:

– clean energy manufacturing incentive bill that would expand the existing incentive grant available to solar photovoltaic manufacturers to include manufacturing of other low- and no-carbon energy sources, including wind;

– renewable energy system of income tax credits aimed at individuals and corporations installing solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and small wind systems; and

– a renewable energy equipment sales tax exempting solar photovoltaic and thermal systems, as well as small wind systems, from payment of sales tax.

SOURCE: Office of Gov. Timothy M. Kaine

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