Juhl Wind Announces Agreement With Zinc Air For Energy-Storage System


Juhl Wind Inc. says it has recently signed a letter of intent with Zinc Air Inc. for the installation of a 1 MW advanced energy-storage system. Juhl Wind plans to install the system at its recently acquired Woodstock Hills wind farm, located near the company's headquarters in Woodstock, Minn.

Zinc Air is the developer of a Zinc Redox flow battery, which allows a wind farm to store and shift wind power for flexible use by utility operators, according to the company.

Using a flow battery technology, the energy-storage systems are suited for grid storage applications, including energy peak shifting and renewables integration, and are designed to address the issues of matching demand with supply and variability, according to the company.

‘We have carefully studied the growth in storage technologies because we believe large-scale storage will unlock the full value of wind power,’ says Dan Juhl, chairman and CEO of Juhl Wind. ‘If we can build a combination wind farm with storage for the cost of a new coal plant, we are confident we can deliver totally clean electricity that can compete head-to-head with the wholesale energy market today and into the future.’

The first phase of the project will provide for the development and installation of the grid storage system based upon securing a revenue arrangement from a utility buyer or within the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator marketplace.

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