Intertek Provides Certification For Hydrep’s Brake System


Intertek has provided electrical safety certification for Hydrep Inc.'s large wind turbine hydraulic brake system.

Intertek is an Occupational Health and Safety Administration-recognized nationally recognized testing laboratory in the U.S. The company is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada as a testing organization and certification organization.

The certification of the brake system, along with the industry's first certification of large wind turbine gearboxes to accepted standards, is part of Intertek's effort to qualify safety-critical wind turbine components and sub-systems – and eventually the wind turbine as a whole, according to the company.

‘The ETL Listing of our wind turbine brake system helps us to differentiate our product to our customers and prospects, and provides them with assurance that the hydraulic brake system has been fully assessed for compliance with applicable national product safety standards for the U.S. and Canada,’ says Pierre Yves Tremblay, general manager for wind products development at Hydrep.

Intertek has evaluated over 1,500 large wind turbines in North America.

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