Intertape Polymer Group Forms Wind Energy Focus Team


Montreal-based Intertape Polymer Group plans to launch new products for the wind power market. A focus team has been dedicated to develop tapes and films based on the needs of alternative energy markets such as wind power and solar.

‘Intertape is unique in developing masking tapes for the composites industry, where as our competitors are marketing existing automotive products that simply don't address composite manufacturing requirements,’ says Dean Blockowitz, Intertape vice president of industrial tapes. ‘We have the technology to respond to manufacturing techniques such as resin infusion and vacuum bagging with films and supplemental tapes.’

Intertape offers the industry products that are designed specifically for the composites industry. Its most recent addition – Anchor Orange Mask – is a performance masking tape designed to address the challenges facing composite manufacturing. New launches will include various tapes and films for manufacturers of wind blades, turbines and nacelle frames.

SOURCE: Intertape Polymer Group

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