Indiana School Breaks Ground On Wind Turbine


West Central School Corp. (WCSC) plans to celebrate the start of construction today of a wind turbine that will be built on the school's campus.

WCSC will utilize the Northern Indiana Public Service Co. feed-in-tariff program for renewable energy generation. The project, which will be built by Performance Services Inc., includes one 900 kW wind turbine from PowerWind.

The project will also include a renewable energy curriculum. Lessons plans, a curriculum map and other learning opportunities will be made available for K-12 students, according to WCSC.

‘Utilizing a natural wind resource to support school funding is an innovative solution,’ says Tim Thoman, president of Performance Services. ‘This wind project will also provide a unique learning experience for West Central students with an integrated curriculum and enable them to model environmental stewardship and sustainable practices to their community.’

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