IMPSA Expands Investment In ANSYS For Wind, Hydro Turbine Innovation


Renewable energy equipment developer and manufacturer IMPSA is expanding its investment in ANSYS software to create wind and hydro turbines.

IMPSA plans to apply the full range of ANSYS' capabilities in multidisciplinary applications, including aerodynamic engineering, structural mechanics, fluids dynamics, noise prediction, design life, electric generators, and control and power electronics concerns.

‘As the wind and hydro turbine industry grows, it introduces advanced technology such as multi-axis designs, larger blades, gearless drives, new generators and controllers, and improved tower design,’ says Ahmad Haidari, director of energy industry marketing at ANSYS. ‘To achieve overall product integrity of turbines and their components, engineers must look at a total solution. Using multiphysics technology from ANSYS, IMPSA can develop differentiating products that will meet the challenging requirements of renewable energy projects.’


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