Idaho Wind Farms Begin Producing Power


A portfolio of wind farms in Idaho, developed through a partnership between GE Energy Financial Services, Exergy Development Group, Atlantic Power Corp. and Reunion Power, is now operational and delivering power.

The wind farms are capable of generating 183 MW of energy and are positioned on 11 sites in two topographically diverse regions in southern Idaho (eight wind farms in Hagerman and three wind farms in Burley) situated 70 miles apart. Despite the distance between the wind farms, they are able to operate as a unified system, enabling operating efficiencies, or on a site-by-site basis.

The project created over 300 construction jobs. Approximately 25 permanent jobs also were created for maintenance and other critical functions.

Construction, led by Fagen Inc., was completed on time despite a tight schedule and occasionally extreme weather at the project site, according to GE. Adding to the complexities was the need for all 11 project sites to strike individual agreements with Idaho Power Co., then to establish separate electrical interconnections into the transmission and distribution system.

GE Energy Financial Services, Atlantic Power and project developer Exergy own non-managing member equity interests in the nearly $500 million Idaho Wind Partners project. Reunion Power holds the managing member equity interest and serves as the project's manager. The wind farms are selling all of their power to Idaho Power Co. under 20-year agreements.

SOURCE: GE Energy Financial Services

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