Idaho Power Seeks Approval For Interconnection Agreement

Idaho Power Co. is asking the Idaho Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to approve a $2.17 million agreement with Idaho Winds LLC that would allow the Sawtooth Wind Project to interconnect with Idaho Power's transmission system.

The 21 MW wind project, located six miles northwest of Glenns Ferry, will require substantial upgrades to Idaho Power's transmission network, according to the company.

Idaho Power is proposing the same cost-sharing agreement that the PUC approved in 2007 for the Hot Springs and Bennett Creek wind projects. Under that scenario, 25% of upgrade costs would be paid by Idaho Power and 25% by Idaho Winds. The remaining 50% would be advanced by Idaho Winds, but subject to refund by Idaho Power over time if the project fully meets its output requirements.

The transmission upgrade work is expected to be completed by July 22, 2011. The commission is accepting comments on Idaho Power's proposal through Nov. 22.

SOURCE: Idaho Public Utilities Commission


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