Idaho Department Of Labor Launches Green Jobs Survey

Five thousand Idaho employers are being asked to assist the Idaho Department of Labor in assessing the extent of green jobs in the Idaho economy and their potential for growth.

The green jobs survey is part of a $1.25 million federal grant the department received through the federal stimulus package to identify the extent of Idaho's green economy and where the growth is likely to occur. Under a second $6 million grant, the department will be working with educators and business interests on developing education and training programs to prepare the state's workers for these emerging jobs.

The randomly selected employers are receiving postcard notifications and being asked to fill out a survey on the department's website at

Participating businesses are being asked to identify jobs in their operation that primarily involve energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy, alternative fuels, sustainable agriculture, natural-resource conservation, environmental cleanup, and pollution and waste management, reduction and prevention.

The confidential responses from these businesses will form the basis for the analysis of Idaho's existing green economy and where it is headed.

SOURCE: Idaho Department of Labor  Â


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