Iberdrola’s New York Wind Farm Begins Construction


Iberdrola Renewables recently began construction at its newest wind farm project in Herkimer County, N.Y. Large wind turbine components have been arriving by truck, laying the groundwork for the 74 MW Hardscrabble Wind Power Project in the towns of Fairfield, Norway and Little Falls. The nearly $200 million wind project, which is expected to complete construction and begin delivering electricity at the end of the year, is one of seven new wind farms Iberdrola Renewables currently has under construction around the U.S.

The project has created nearly 200 construction jobs, which include pouring turbine foundations, transporting components and installing electrical systems. Once complete, the project will permanently employ a staff of six technicians to operate the site.

In addition to job creation, the Hardscrabble Wind Power Project will make a number of one-time and recurring payments to landowners and local jurisdictions over the life of the project. Annual payments to the jurisdictions will total approximately $592,000 and escalate with inflation. Annual lease payments to participating landowners are projected to average $650,000 a year for the life of the project.

Hardscrabble will feature 37 Gamesa wind turbines, which will stand on 100-meter towers. The tower sections are manufactured in Wisconsin, while the remaining sections of the turbines – the blades, nacelles and hubs – are manufactured in Pennsylvania.

SOURCE: Iberdrola Renewables Inc.

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