Iberdrola To Build Las Aulagas, Chimiche II Wind Farms


Iberdrola says it will build two new wind farms in the Canary Islands after receiving the go-ahead to commence development on two projects in Tenerife, for an expected investment of up to EUR 40 million.

According to Iberdrola, the 13.8 MW Las Aulagas and 18.4 MW Chimiche II wind farms have been authorized for registration with pre-allocation status in the Specific Canary Islands Wind Power Quota Tax Scheme (450 MW).

The company says it will be sharing these projects with a local partner. Per the company release, the time frame for commissioning the facilities is approximately 21 months from now.

The tax system for projects built in the Canary Islands under the auspices of the aforementioned wind power quota includes specific conditions to ensure the feasibility of commissioning these facilities.

Iberdrola says it will begin construction on its first wind farm since December 2012, when it commissioned El Segredal in Asturias – a facility with an installed capacity of 36 MW provided by 18 Gamesa G80 model wind turbines.

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