HYTORC To Help Clemson University Test Giant Wind Turbines


South Carolina-based Clemson University is in the process of completing its Clemson University Restoration Institute (CURI), a testing facility designed to perform trials on large-scale wind turbines up to 15 MW. And HYTORC, a manufacturer of industrial bolting systems, notes its HYTORC Nut and HYTORC Washer will help the university perform such trials.

When completed, the team at CURI will be able to conduct full-scale accelerated electromechanical trials of advanced wind turbine drivetrain systems, simulating their performance and analyzing their interaction with cyber control system software algorithms. The tests will be conducted with a 15 MW hardware-in-the-loops simulator and a massive 15 MW test rig drive unit.

HYTORC says that weighing in at over 400 tons and spanning more than 40 feet in diameter, the test rig drive unit demanded a product and brand that could offer power and reliability.

Jason Junkers, chief operating officer of HYTORC, says, "The extreme loads combined with tremendous vibration add a significant challenge; a different way of thinking was required, and HYTORC's patented fastening systems offered Clemson University's team the solution they needed to make this project possible."

The HYTORC Washer was installed on the foundation T-bolts. The main bearing of the mechanism features the HYTORC Nut. This fastener technology was also used for the generator mounting brackets.

"To be involved in such an innovative and groundbreaking project, which will eventually test the technology of the future, was a great distinction for the HYTORC name," comments HYTORC President Eric Junkers.

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