HMMH Provides Noise Study For Wind Turbine Project In Massachusetts


Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. (HMMH), a firm that provides noise consulting services, recently conducted a sound level study for existing and proposed 1.65 MW wind turbines in Falmouth, Mass., in order to determine compliance with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) noise pollution policy criteria.

Sound level measurements in the residential areas nearest the existing and proposed turbine sites determined that the existing turbine complies with DEP criteria. Using the SoundPLAN noise model, HMMH then computed sound levels from both the existing and proposed wind turbines at locations throughout the surrounding community.

The analysis indicated the potential for exceeding the DEP criteria would exist at only two homes and would be limited to conditions with both turbines operating late at night under low wind conditions.

Findings of the study will be presented at the Wind Turbine Noise 2011 conference in Rome in April.

SOURCE: Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc.

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