Hitachi Energy HVDC Will Transmit Energy Between Quebec, New York


Hydro-Québec has selected Hitachi Energy for its high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technology for the transmission of electricity between the Quebec network, in eastern Canada, and New York.

Hydro-Québec, the largest hydroelectricity producer in Canada, is a public company that generates, transmits and distributes reliable, clean and renewable electricity in Québec. With its surplus energy, it supplies the Canadian provinces and the northeastern United States.

The Châteauguay HVDC system will enable the transmission of up to 1,500 MW of electricity between the electrical networks of Quebec and New York. This new system will replace existing equipment, which has been in operation since 1984, increasing the efficiency and controllability, plus raising the power conversion capacity of the Châteauguay HVDC system by 50%.

“We are proud to be returning to the Chateauguay HVDC station, after helping to build it almost four decades ago,” says Niklas Persson, managing director of Hitachi Energy’s Grid Integration business. “This new system represents an important enhancement to the ability to transmit large-scale hydro power between Canada and the United States, which will support the shift away from fossil fuel.”

Hitachi Energy is supplying a “back-to-back” converter station, which converts AC power to DC then reconverts it to AC from DC enabling the interconnection of the 735 kV Canadian and 765 kV New York grids which are “out of phase” and cannot be connected directly via traditional AC systems.

Hitachi Energy’s HVDC solution combines the MACH digital control platform, which enables renewables integration and manages voltage and frequency disturbances in the grid; converter power transformers and high-voltage switchgear; as well as system studies, design and engineering, supply, installation supervision, and commissioning.

HVDC Light is a voltage source converter technology developed by Hitachi Energy. It is the preferred technology for many grid applications, including interconnecting countries, integrating renewables and “power-from-shore” connections to offshore production facilities. HVDC Light’s defining features include compact converter stations and low electrical losses.

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