Hendrix Wire Introduces New Web Site


Milford, N.H.-based Hendrix Wire & Cable, a provider of overhead and underground power distribution products, has introduced a new Web site that serves as a general marketplace for those looking to quickly and accurately place orders for utility products.

The Web site allows customers to purchase utility products any time of day, every day of the week. Orders are placed and are immediately included in the production schedule at Hendrix Wire & Cable's manufacturing facility. This reduces the time it takes to place a normal purchase order via fax.

The site is accessible to the public. However, previous users can log in to view their customized account. An input of specific parameters for products is required to perform a search detailing all available options.

Existing customers can access a list of their commonly purchased items to select which products – and in what quantities – are to be added to their shopping cart. If a product can't be found in the directory of inventory, a quote can be requested from Hendrix.

For more information, visit cableprospector.com.

SOURCE: Hendrix Wire & Cable

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