Hawaiian Electric Narrows List Of Energy Storage Providers


Hawaiian Electric Co. says it has narrowed the search for companies to provide up to 200 MW of energy storage for Oahu. More than 60 proposals were received by the July deadline, responding to an April request for proposals (RFP). The company says it has selected three finalists and is currently in negotiations.

‘We were very pleased with the strong response to our RFP,’ comments Colton Ching, Hawaiian Electric vice president for energy delivery. ‘Each finalist is an internationally recognized company with over a decade of energy storage experience including working with electric utilities. All three are proposing battery storage. We hope to sign contracts with all three that offer the best value for Oahu electric customers."

The utility says that as renewable energy – including utility-scale wind and solar and rooftop solar – continues to grow, energy storage will help address sudden changes in output.

"Energy storage is one key to integrating higher levels of renewable energy from variable sources like solar and wind. It plays a significant role in the O'ahu Power Supply Improvement Plan recently submitted to our Public Utilities Commission," notes Ching.

Furthermore, energy storage can provide not only electricity, but also auxiliary services essential to operate the grid, such as sub-second frequency and minute-to-minute load following.

Projects must be reviewed and approved by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission, with input from the Consumer Advocate. Hawaiian Electric says it plans to file energy storage agreements with the commission by early 2015 and hopes systems will be in service in early 2017.

For more information about how energy storage integrates with wind and solar power to produce more effective renewable energy grids, visit the Hybrid Energy Innovations event website here.

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