Hawaii Governor Recognizes Wind Farm


Gov. Linda Lingle, R-Hawaii, has recognized the recipients of the Governor's Innovation Awards for their ingenuity and commitment to developing creative ways to improve Hawaii and help the state meet the challenges of the 21st century.

‘This month's Innovation Award recipients exemplify how innovation can be applied to turn major challenges into opportunities,’ says Lingle. ‘The three honorees identified challenges facing our state and developed innovative tools and processes to help reduce Hawaii's overdependence on imported oil, decrease the number of children in the state foster care system, and save a major agricultural crop that was threatened by a devastating virus.’

One of the recipients was Kaheawa Wind Power, whose technologies are harnessing one of Hawaii's most abundant natural renewable energy sources – wind. The company is making a significant contribution to the critically important goal to increase Hawaii's energy independence by having 70% of the state's energy come from renewable sources by 2030, according to the governor.

Kaheawa Wind's 30 MW wind farm, located in West Maui, generated more than 125,000 MWh in 2007. Currently, the company's 20 GE 1.5 MW wind turbines generate enough power to meet 9% of Maui's total electricity needs during peak hours and up to 30% during non-peak hours.

Lingle initiated the Governor's Innovation Award in May to acknowledge and encourage innovation across all sectors statewide. The awards, which are presented monthly, recognize deserving individuals, companies, nonprofits, organizations and government agencies that are developing innovative products, services and processes.

SOURCE: Office of Gov. Linda Lingle

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