GWS Technologies Adds Features To Web Site


Scottsdale, Ariz.-based GWS Technologies Inc., a company that develops and markets solar- and wind-powered renewable energy products and solutions, has added several new interactive features to its Web site,

New features include a wind turbine calculator, which determines how much a consumer can save by factoring the size and type of wind turbine, the costs of electricity in the user's state, the type of use (commercial, residential or industrial), and estimated average wind speeds in the user's location. The site also features a carbon footprint calculator, which allows individuals to calculate their personal environmental impact from driving, flying and average home energy use.

‘Our improved interactive Web site is a dynamic resource for consumers and businesses alike, and we anticipate that it will enable us to increase our domestic wind turbine and solar product revenues,’ says GWS Technologies Vice President Michael Coskun. also features a database of programs and incentives for using renewable energy, an e-commerce store where consumers and businesses can purchase the most advanced renewable energy products and an online credit application for financing alternative energy systems.

SOURCE: GWS Technologies Inc.

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