Green Energy Act Alliance Endorses Directive To Prioritize Renewable Energy


Canada's Minister of Energy and Infrastructure has directed the Ontario Power Authority to review and amend its integrated power system plan. The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association and other members of the Green Energy Act Alliance applaud the move and consider it a significant step forward in the evolution of the provincial energy sector.

The announcement should also help position Ontario to take advantage of the relative lack of market development, skilled labor and manufacturing of renewable technology in North America.

‘With strong guiding principles and a well-informed vision, you can create a setting where the environment, society and the economy thrive,’ says Deborah Doncaster executive director of the community power fund and member of the Green Energy Alliance. ‘Actions like these lead us to believe that meaningful change is possible and that Ontario has the opportunity to really shine in Copenhagen at the UN Climate Change Conference in 2009.’

The Green Energy Act will also have real benefits for many First Nation communities across the province. Partnerships would be developed in consultation with – and have the cooperation of – First Nations communities. The result would provide clean energy and economic development.

SOURCE: Ontario Sustainable Energy Association

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