Green-e Energy Certifies WPPI’s Green Power Programs


Wisconsin Public Power Inc.'s (WPPI) Green Power for Business and its companion program for residential customers is now Green-e Energy certified, according to the Center for Resource Solutions.

‘WPPI and its members have demonstrated a substantial leadership commitment to promoting the use of renewable energy,’ says WPPI President and CEO Roy Thilly. ‘The fact that our programs meet the highest standards in the renewable energy industry is future evidence of our dedication toward working together with our member utilities and their customers to build a better energy future.’

WPPI can now offer Green-e Energy certified renewable electricity to residential and commercial customers. By purchasing WPPI renewable electricity, customers will support currently available renewable resources, as well as aid the development of new renewables. WPPI's Green Power for Business and its companion program are sourced from a variety of renewable resources, including wind, biomass and small hydro.

SOURCE: Center for Resource Solutions

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