Green-e Energy Certifies Ecoelectrons Renewable Energy’s Eco Renewable Energy Credits

The Center for Resource Solutions has announced that renewable energy certificates (RECs) from Eco Renewable Energy Credits are now Green-e Energy certified. Ecoelectrons Renewable Energy helps businesses quantify and reduce their carbon footprints by supplying RECs generated from alternative energy such as wind power.

‘We have had a lot of interest from businesses that want to reduce their environmental impact and contribute in a transparent and meaningful manner,’ says Rahul Chitrapu, co-founder of Ecoelectrons.

Ecoelectrons Renewable Energy can now offer its wholesale and commercial clients a flexible suite of renewable energy products. By purchasing Eco Renewable Energy Credits, customers will support currently available renewable resources, as well as aid the development of new renewable resources to be built in North America.

SOURCE: Center for Resource Solutions


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