Green-e Certifies Renewable Energy Certificates Brokered By MotivEarth


The Center for Resource Solutions has announced that renewable energy certificates (RECs) brokered by MotivEarth LLC are now eligible to be Green-e certified. MotivEarth will join the network of renewable energy companies that offer products certified by Green-e Energy, a certification and verification program for renewable energy.

The RECs available to commercial and wholesale customers through MotivEarth will be directly supplied from Green-e eligible renewable facilities in the U.S. By purchasing RECs through MotivEarth, customers will support these resources as well as aid the development of new resources in the country.

‘Purchasing RECs should be an important part of any company's efforts to become a green, sustainable energy consumer,’ says James A. Westbrook, president of MotivEarth. ‘On-site energy-efficiency and renewable energy programs can go only so far to reduce reliance on fossil fuel-based electricity. By purchasing Green-e RECs, companies not only go all the way to become green-energy users, but they do so using a certified product they can trust.’

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