Global Wind Energy Team Created At Capital Safety

Capital Safety, home of the DBI-SALA and PROTECTA brands of fall-protection equipment, has formed a global wind energy team to meet the growing demand in the renewable energies sector. The team consists of safety experts from the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia who know the issues wind turbine manufacturers are facing in specific regions of the world.

‘We are working hard to keep up with demand in China and India at present, as these countries become increasingly energy hungry,’ says Oliver Hirschfelder, global wind energy director for Capital Safety. ‘The drive toward more renewable energy sources is also expanding demand for our wind energy fall protection expertise significantly in Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Spain. The Canadian market is growing in megawatts and turbine capacity size, and the United States expects long term growth in the wind energy industry.’

Capital Safety's team of wind energy specialists is experienced in working with both onshore and offshore wind farms.

SOURCE: Capital Safety


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