Global Wind Alliance Forms


The Global Wind Alliance (GWA), which was established in Europe, is now expanding to the U.S. The GWA brings together component manufactures and experienced engineers from the wind industry under one group.

Rather than being limited to the resources available to just one operations and maintenance (O&M) contractor, the owner/operator in the GWA enjoy multi-company access, through a single point of contact. This engagement enables a total life-cycle management capability, which is essential in the post-warranty period, according to the alliance.

‘This is an exciting new development, which allows us to combine our 15 years' experience in providing O&M services with a leading group of allies to offer clients a range of preventative and reactive services and products, second to none,’ says David Surplus, founder and managing director of B9 Energy Inc., an Ireland-based O&M company.

SOURCE: The Global Wind Alliance

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