Global Technologies Launches Hybrid Wind Turbine Development Projects


Global Technologies Ltd. has launched five new wind turbine development projects based on hybrid wind turbine designs and engineering from Creative Laboratory Enterprises, a private holding company primarily focused in the sustainable energy and environmental sectors.

These new product development projects are in addition to the 15 wind turbine blade design development projects launched by Global Technologies last month.

Based on projected revenue models and asset valuation based on development cycle completions, the company has valued the first three asset-acquisition transactions at a total of $22.2 million. Each of these three transactions were acquired through the issuance of preferred stock that created no debt for the company.

Additionally, Global Technologies has signed a $15 million income-generating intellectual property development and distribution license with Wind Design Distribution Group, a U.K. limited partnership, for development and distribution of the first of its proprietary wind turbine blade designs.

SOURCE: Global Technologies Ltd.

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