Glacial Energy Receives California Public Utilities Commission License

Glacial Energy of California Inc. has received licensing from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to sell electricity in the three utility service territories controlled by Pacific Gas & Electric Co., Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric through the state's direct-access program.

Direct-access service is a retail electric service providing nonresidential customers the ability to purchase electricity from an electric service provider (ESP) instead of a regulated electric utility.

Large-end users are expected to see cost savings over current electricity contracts due to an expansion of purchasing options and buying electricity directly from the source. Expanded options also strengthen customer service through tailored portfolios that match available supplies to individual customer needs.

‘Direct access allows large electricity consumers, such as hospitals, the flexibility to procure electricity directly from producers and not incur fees associated with regulated utilities,’ says John Mulcahy, senior vice president of Glacial Energy. ‘It also makes purchasing green energy much easier for customers, because an ESP can offer products sourced directly from wind farms, solar fields and other renewable energy producers.’

The initial open enrollment window for direct access is 90 days, beginning April 11, and is available to commercial customers only. For 2010, the CPUC has limited enrollment to approximately 3 million MW or an estimate of less than 3% of the existing commercial base in all three utilities' areas.

SOURCE: Glacial Energy of California Inc.


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