GL Updates Type Certificate For Vestas V52 Wind Turbine


GL Renewables Certification (GL) says it has updated the type certificate for Vestas Wind Systems' V52-850 kW wind turbine.

Vestas expanded its manufacturing portfolio for the V52 wind turbine to its hubs in China, and the type certificate has been updated to include production of this wind turbine type in Vestas' new manufacturing facilities in China.

The type certificate confirms that the V52 wind turbine complies with the requirements of the international standard regarding design, power quality and verification of the load assumptions. The update of this type certificate is a confirmation of compliance for the new manufacturing sites, GL explains.

‘Having this new and updated certification ensures we are compliant with the standards of the wind industry and are verified by an independent third party,’ says Claus Brynaa, senior manager of product compliance at Vestas. ‘This opens doors to all the markets and meets the requirements of our customers.’

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