GL Renewables Publishes New Offshore Wind Turbine Certification Guidelines


GL Renewables Certification (GL RC) has published its new ‘Guidelines for the Certification of Offshore Wind Turbines,’ which were compiled by GL Renewables Certification in cooperation with its Wind and Marine Energy Committee.

The new guidelines provide a fully integrated design and analysis concept for offshore wind turbines. Every aspect of development – from blade tip, to foundation and power export cable – is considered, while also allowing for offshore type and project certification, GL RC says.

‘The updated guideline reflects the main developments in the offshore wind industry,’ says Andreas Schroter, managing director of GL RC. ‘For example, it considers the increased size of turbines and mitigation of loads using advanced, intelligent control systems. As a consequence, the examination and testing of control systems are now part of the guideline.

"Furthermore, the new version contains a number of novel analysis methods – for example, taking into consideration the effects of cyclic loads for piles under compression and tension," he continues. "In addition, the requirements for floating wind turbines, in terms of load stability and mooring safety requirements, are addressed.’

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