GL Renewables Certifies Underwater Escape Training Course For Offshore Wind Energy Technicians


GL Renewables Certification (GL RC) has certified Deutsche WindGuard Offshore GmbH's Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) courses, which teach technical personnel how to reach offshore wind farms safely.

Before getting on board, technicians must pass a certified training course. GL RC certifies training providers to its standards, which set out the fundamental prerequisites for efficient training, such as proper organization of the training course, careful documentation and high-quality teaching equipment and materials.

‘The demand for safety training is increasing with the expansion of the offshore wind industry,’ explains Reinhold Heller, an expert on the certification of training systems at GL RC. ‘This is why we developed a technical note for the ‘Certification of Training Programs and Training Systems in the Renewable Energy Industry,’ which has recently been updated to meet the latest developments in the industry.’

Completion of a HUET course is mandatory for all workers who must reach their workplace on the high seas by helicopter, including offshore technicians, maintenance staff and installation experts for the construction of wind farms.

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